Black Ops II Rumors/Stuff to know about the game

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Black Ops II Rumors/Stuff to know about the game

Post  redtailboa08 on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:40 am

I figured this would be a pretty good starting point in the forums. Any info you guys know post it in here..

This is what is really known so far about zombies (to my knowledge)

--Treyarch's usual stamp of silliness, Zombie Mode. It'll be longer, promoted from a handful of stages to a full-length campaign, and doubles the co-op count from four to eight. Like last time, famous faces are bound to drop in. Expect the likes of J.F.K., Nixon, and Fox News political commentator (and, controversially, dealer of illegal weapons to Iran in the 80's) Oliver North. And possibly Danny Trejo.--

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